Upcoming: Oct 18 Why No Revolution? A Short History of American Left Movements featuring Joe Uris Part 2: 1945 to 2012

5 Oct

Thursday, October 18
7-8:30 pm
413 Cramer Hall, Portland State University
1721 SW Broadway

Following World War II, a massive attack on the Left took place. This attack was in response to Soviet successes in World War II, the Chinese Revolution and a then popular American progressive movement. At the same time the newly created CIA moved to stop potential enormous gains for Communism in Western Europe. Domestically, the attack on the American left included demonization and massive propaganda, as well as the jailing of much of the leadership of the Communist Party. Unions were purged of their Left. Hollywood stopped making socially significant films. And the culture hunkered down into what we now understand as the Cold War mentality.

Dr. Joe Uris is an associate professor (ret.) of history and sociology at Portland State University, a journalist, and KBOO (Tuesday am) talk show host. From the early 60s on, Joe organized for peace and social justice in New York and Portland.


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