May 22 Program —————— The Portland Women’s Movement Part 3: Fighting for Ideas and Dollars

16 Mar

The Portland Women’s Movement Part 3

Fighting for Ideas and Dollars

Wednesday, May 22
7-8:30 pm
Portland State University
2nd floor Gallery, Urban Affairs
506 SW Mill

Panel, Q & A discussion, Free

Ten years before gaining official recognition in 1980 as a program, female students and professors met to plan and implement the inclusion of Women’s Studies courses at Portland State University. Eventually it became a department granting degrees.

In 1980, 22 Oregon university and college women faculty members filed Penk, et al. v. Oregon State Board of Higher Education alleging sex discrimination in pay, promotion, and treatment in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Panelists: Nona Glazer, Professor Emerita, PSU Sociology Dept., helped bring Women’s Studies to PSU and was a plaintiff in the Penk case.  Julia M. Allen participated as a graduate student in the development of the Women’s Studies Program at Portland State during the early to mid 1970s. She is now Professor Emerita, English Department, Sonoma State University. JoAnn Reynolds was associate counsel with Don Willner, in the Penk case, which was tried from September 1984 to June 1985. She now specializes in family law. Marjorie Burns is Professor Emerita, PSU English Dept. She was a witness for Penk v. the Oregon State Board of Higher Education.


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