History of the Portland Gay Press, a panel

12 Dec

Thursday, January 23
298 Smith Memorial Center
Portland State University
1825  SW Broadway

Positive coverage of LGBT issues and events was non-existent in Portland’s press until 1970 when the alternative paper, Willamette Bridge, began printing some articles. The next year, The Fountain, Oregon’s first specifically gay newspaper, was launched, followed by a numerous other publications. They were instrumental in helping organize Portland-area LGBT people as they worked to build community, gain equality, counter anti-gay political measures, and respond to AIDS. All the panelists were involved with one or more of these important publications.

The Panelists:

Judith Barrington is a writer who, in the 70s and 80s was the first and only paid writer for A Woman’s Place Newsletter and then for Rag Times, which was put together by a collective of women. She wrote on feminist issues of all kinds and often used the research later to write columns on the same subjects that were published regularly in The Oregonian.

Rupert Kinnard’s extensive career in publication design began with Just Out as one of the original staff members where he helped the publication win the National Gay Press Association award for best overall design in 1983. In 1996, while working as art director for the Skanner, Rupert won an award for best graphic and typographical excellence by the West Coast Black Journalist Association.

Renee LaChance covered lesbian events as the women’s editor for The Northwest Fountain and served as the editor of The Cascade Voice and was co-founder and publisher of Just Out. Portland Northwest Pride has presented her with two awards: the 2000 Spirit of Pride Award and the Pioneer Award both for her work with Just Out.

Paula Nielsen served as a feature writer and columnist for the LGBT press from 1976 through most of the 1990’s.  Paula was Religion Editor for the NW Fountain, and also wrote feature news articles.  For the Cascade Voice, Eagle Newsmagazine, City Open Press, City Week, Oregon Gay News, and Alternative Connection, Paula wrote a column called “Thoughts From Paula”.


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